Wednesday, June 6, 2012

PCB copying

PCB copying, which is also called pcb cloning, printed circuit board coping, printed circuit board cloning, PCB reverse, etc., refers to the process of getting pcb files, schematic circuit diagram and other documents through various reverse engineering technology, complete parse and application research of the principle of the product or tehnology with the documents obtained above, and then making plate , circuit board welding,assembly to make the  electronic products cloned.
Beijing Shouxi Zhixin Technology Co.,ltd have their own latest scanning equipments and intellectual cloning software,the most professional reverse engineers. We can offer the service of cloning of various sigle layer,double layer and multi-layer pcb board. we also provides various of blind buried plate,laser blind plate,UHF plate,ceramic pcb clone, cloning communication motherboard which includes intensive components,microtrip line,demanding hign-frequency requirements and strictly controlled electromagenatic compatibility.
Our clients only need to provide us a sample circuit board, we will supply a one stop services for you such as coping, alternating, debugging,testing,making sample copying. We promice a 100% succeess.the accuracy is 1mil.

We always clone the exactly same PCB cuicuit board with the original pcb, we also make accurate alternation to the pcb circuit design according to the requirements of our clients with high efficiency. We can reset the location of the devices, the direction of the inner line or reset the whole lines to delete defects and defitioncies in the original pcb design.

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