Friday, September 7, 2012

AT32UC3L064 MCU code extraction

AT32UC3L064 MCU code extraction, Chip decryption, MCU code

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The high-performance 32-bit AVR microcontroller is designed for cost-sensitive embedded applications that require low power consumption, high code density, and high performance.

The microcontroller's Memory Protection Unit (MPU) and fast, flexible interrupt controller support the latest real-time operating systems. The Secure Access Unit (SAU) with MPU provide enhanced security and integrity. Higher computation capability is achieved using a rich set of DSP instructions.

The microcontroller embeds state-of-the-art picoPower technology for ultra-low power consumption. A combination of power control techniques bring active current consumption down to 165µA/MHz and leakage down to 9nA while still retaining a bank of backup registers. The device offers a wide range of trade-offs between functionality and power consumption to reach the lowest possible power usage for the application's required feature set.

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