Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Algorithm Creator

Algorithm Creator

The codec creator is responsible for creating an XDAIS algorithm, and providing the necessary packaging to enable these algorithms to be consumed, and configured by CE.

If the codec is XDM compliant, CE's VISA APIs will support remote execution of the codecs without additional support. However, if the codec is *not* XDM compliant, and the codecs support remote execution, they will need to supply CE skeletons and stubs.


    Generate a codec library with appropriate IALG and optional IDMA3 interface symbols exported
    Implement the ti.sdo.ce.ICodec interface, referencing the requisite exported symbols


    XDAIS, XDCtools

    A released codec package. This package includes a module that implements ti.sdo.ce.ICodec, as well as the libraries that contain the algorithm's implementation.