Wednesday, August 15, 2012



    Codec Engine Algorithm Creator User's Guide (SPRUED6)
    QualiTI (XDAIS validation tool)
    RTSC codec packaging wizard
    DAIS-DM (Digital Media) User Guide (SPRUEC8)
    XDM API Reference - also in $(XDAIS_INSTALL_DIR)/docs/html/index.html
    TMS320 DSP Algorithm Standard Rules and Guidelines (SPRU352)
    TMS320 DSP Algorithm Standard API Reference (SPRU360)
    TMS320 DSP Algorithm Standard Developer’s Guide (SPRU424)
    Example codecs. $(XDAIS_INSTALL_DIR)/examples and $(CE_INSTALL_DIR)/examples
    If creating a new VISA-like API/SPI (System Programming Interface) for a new class of algorithms
        Consider IUNIVERSAL first!
        Codec Engine SPI Reference Guide - also in $(CE_INSTALL_DIR)/docs/spi/html/index.html
        Scale example. Codec in $(CE_INSTALL_DIR)/examples/.../codecs/scale and VISA extension support in $(CE_INSTALL_DIR)/examples/...extensions/scale