Wednesday, August 15, 2012

TMS320 DMA Resource Management using DMAN3

TMS320 DMA Resource Management using DMAN3

The IDMA3 interface does not specify or mandate the use of a particular framework DMA Resource manager. However, the TI Framework Components package provides DMAN3 as a fully-supported and configurable DMA Resource manager in charge of managing the EDMA3.0 physical resources that the application framework has given exclusively to DMAN3.

In a typical Framework Component based application, DMAN3 grants each algorithm the DMA resources it requests via the IDMA3 interface. The algorithm subsequently may call ACPY3 functions to configure logical channel settings, to request DMA transfers, or to synchronize with on-going transfers.

DMAN3 can be configured using a runtime C interface or statically using XDC tooling. The configuration provides DMAN3 with the physical EDMA3 resources: PaRAMs, TCCs, QDMA channels. DMAN3 configuration dictates how it allocates and manages the memory supplied to each logical DMA channel. DMAN3 additionally supports sharing of physical EDMA3 resources among algorithms created with the same scratch groupId whenever it is possible. It is the responsibility of the application framework to ensure that algorithms created using the same DMAN3 scratch groupIds do not pre-empt each other. See the section titled DMAN3 Configuration Examples for some common allocation scenarios and tips.