Monday, November 5, 2012

CY8C20467-24LQXIT Microcontroller Reverse Engineering

CY8C20467-24LQXIT Microcontroller Reverse Engineering, chip decryption, mcu code extraction service .
Programmable pin configurations
 Up to 32 general-purpose I/Os (GPIOs)
 Dual mode GPIO
 High sink current of 25 mA for each GPIO. Total 120 mA
maximum sink current per chip
 5 mA source current on port 0 and 1 and 1 mA on port 2,3
and 4
 Configurable internal pull-up, high-Z, and open drain modes
 Selectable, regulated digital I/O on port 1
 Configurable input threshold on port 1
 Versatile analog mux
 Common internal analog bus
 Simultaneous connection of I/O
 High power supply rejection ratio (PSRR) comparator
 Low-dropout voltage regulator for all analog resources

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