Monday, November 5, 2012

CY8C20467S-24LQXIT Microcontroller Reverse Engineering

CY8C20467S-24LQXIT Microcontroller Reverse Engineering, chip decryption, mcu code extraction service.
CapSense System
The analog system contains the capacitive sensing hardware.
Several hardware algorithms are supported. This hardware
performs capacitive sensing and scanning without requiring
external components. The analog system is composed of the
CapSense PSoC block and an internal 1 V or 1.2 V analog
reference, which together support capacitive sensing of up to 31
inputs[3]. Capacitive sensing is configurable on each GPIO pin.
Scanning of enabled CapSense pins is completed quickly and
easily across multiple ports.
SmartSense? Auto-tuning
SmartSense auto-tuning is an innovative solution from Cypress
that removes manual tuning of CapSense applications. This
solution is easy to use and provides robust noise immunity. It is
the only auto-tuning solution that establishes, monitors, and
maintains all required tuning parameters of each sensor during
run time. SmartSense auto-tuning allows engineers to go from
prototyping to mass production without retuning for
manufacturing variations in PCB and/or overlay material

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