Monday, November 5, 2012

CY8C20467S-24LQXI Microcontroller Reverse Engineering

CY8C20467S-24LQXI Microcontroller Reverse Engineering, chip decryption, mcu code extraction service .

The PSoC family consists of many devices with on-chip
controllers. These devices are designed to replace multiple
traditional MCU-based system components with one low-cost
single-chip programmable component. A PSoC device includes
configurable blocks of analog and digital logic, and
programmable interconnect. This architecture makes it possible
for you to create customized peripheral configurations, to match
the requirements of each individual application. Additionally, a
fast central processing unit (CPU), flash program memory,
SRAM data memory, and configurable I/O are included in a
range of convenient pinouts.
The architecture for this device family, as shown in the Logic
Block Diagram on page 2, consists of three main areas:
 The core
 CapSense analog system
 System resources
A common, versatile bus allows connection between I/O and the
analog system.
Each CY8C20x37/47/67/S PSoC device includes a dedicated
CapSense block that provides sensing and scanning control
circuitry for capacitive sensing applications. Depending on the
PSoC package, up to 34 GPIOs are also included. The GPIOs
provide access to the MCU and analog mux.

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